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Get ready for memorable family game nights with our Family Fun Night Holiday Pack! Games, puzzles, rock painting, dad jokes, snacks, and much more! 

Ages 4+

2 to 6 players

Package includes:*

  • Math Match: Exciting Math Dice and Card Game for Kids
  • Electrifying Neon Rock Painting: create retro neon artwork that's truly electric with this funky rock painting kit (creating 8 glowing rock painting projects, featuring a 24-page book plus rocks, paints, and more) 
  • Monopoly Mini Puzzle 50pcs: Fun and Challenging Puzzle Game
  • 2x Scratch Art Kits (each kit includes 6 different designs)
  • The Natural Confectionery Company Party Mix 180g
  • Hilarious 100 Dad Jokes Cards

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