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Rated 5 Stars on Google + Low Prices + Fast Delivery! Free Australian Standard Shipping on orders over $99 (otherwise $14.95 flat rate)
Adults Arts and Crafts - Boxful Events

Adults Arts and Crafts

Adults Arts and Crafts

In today’s chaotic world finding time for some relaxation and tranquillity can be a challenge. However, every so often it is important to take a step away from the hustle and bustle and activate that creative side. 

The importance of arts and crafts, art therapy and board games - particularly for older demographics - is increasing. That is why we have introduced a variety of products to address this such as our adult colouring books, activities for dementia patients, art supplies, art therapy activities, games for elderly and many more. So if you are unsure about where to begin, you’ve come to the right place!

Adult Colouring Books

In recent times adult colouring books have surged in popularity and rightfully so, they carry many benefits! 

Amongst many relaxing activities, adult colouring books provide a stress relief like no other through its incredibly calming effect on the mind. Many may not realise but this can often increase mindfulness and focus while boosting creativity. In addition, adult colouring books have been seen to provide a verbal and non-verbal form of expression, encourage feelings of mental clarity and promote a sense of accomplishment. Not to mention, they are quite affordable and cost effective!

Amongst our many wholesale arts and craft supplies and board games we have a unique and exciting collection of adult colouring books. Here are some of our favourite colouring books, but you can browse the entire collection here!

Art Supplies

Art supplies, where do we begin! From painting sets for adults and pottery kits to wholesale arts and craft supplies, we have it all to suit every occasion. 

Pottery Kits Australia

One of our most popular items, our all-in-one Pottery Kit is an incredibly relaxing activity that can be enjoyed by those who are looking for a creative outlet, or others who are looking for a fun activity to enjoy with friends. Whether you are looking for pottery kits Sydney or pottery kits Melbourne, our shipping and delivery will ensure that your goods arrive safe and sound!

We also stock an array of pottery tools such as:

Other Pottery Kits that you may be interested in:

Painting Kits for Adults

Painting is another enjoyable activity that is commonly practised by adults for an array of different reasons. Whether you are wanting to unleash your inner creativity, are looking for a fun activity to enjoy with friends or are simply wanting to decorate the house with a few DIY pieces, there are multiple options to suit each individual need.

Many of our Picasso’s begin with the Premium Painting Kit as it comes with everything required including a canvas and easel, an acrylic paint set, a painting pallet and paint brush set. For those who are after a little extra inspiration we also have a library of step-by-step video tutorials that are extremely easy to follow!

So if you are looking for a relaxing form of art therapy or art supplies for older demographics, pottery is a fantastic option! Not to mention, we also have a variety of unique gift ideas and gifts for older people, here are a few of our favourites:

Art Therapy Activities

For those unfamiliar with the term ‘art therapy’, it is a common practice that combines the process of art with psychotherapy and offers an array of benefits from a mental health, emotional support and physical wellbeing perspective. However, art therapy can become expensive, so to provide a cost effective option we have stocked up on a variety of art supplies. 

The Benefits of Art Therapy

There are many benefits of art therapy particularly for older demographics, let us talk you through them!

  • Art therapy activities for adults can provide a form of emotional release and expression in a safe and non-verbal way. It is an enjoyable way to allow those who may not feel like communicating verbally to express what they are feeling!
  • Art therapy has been used to support individuals experiencing feelings of anxiety and depression and there are even specialised forms of art therapy for anxiety and art therapy for depression.
  • Through self expression art therapy has been seen to enhance one’s sense of self awareness.
  • Art therapy has also been shown to boost self esteem and confidence whilst enhancing one's communication and problem solving skills.
  • From a physical perspective, one of the many benefits of art therapy is that it can support individuals going through rehabilitation as it encourages an alternative form of emotional expression. 
  • Art therapy also holds many cognitive benefits as it can improve attention to detail, memory and concentration.

Whether you are looking for unique gift ideas, art supplies, wholesale craft supplies or even bulk craft supplies, we cater to all! Some of our popular products that have been used for art therapy include: Painting Kits for Adults and Craft Supplies for Seniors.

Games for Elderly

Games are most certainly not just for the young, they come with many benefits particularly for the older demographics. Engaging in different types of games - Board Games, Puzzles or Mind Games - can enhance the quality of life for elderly individuals. 

The Benefits of Board Games for Adults

Here are some of our favourite board game benefits particularly for adults:

  • Board games provide a sense of cognitive stimulation
  • They have been seen to reduce feelings of stress while improving moods and overall mental health
  • They may enhance memory and hand-eye coordination

The Benefits of Puzzles for Adults

Like board games, puzzles provide many benefits for the elderly:

  • Puzzles have been seen to enhance cognitive stimulation 
  • They may improve memory and enhance problem solving skills
  • Puzzles have also been used as a form of stress relief as they work to boost moods and overall mental health

When it comes to the benefits of arts and crafts for adults, the list is almost endless and at times overwhelming. That is why we have stocked everything you need to get started and if you are still after a few additional tips and tricks simply head over to our Instagram page @boxfulevents.

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