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Low Prices + Easy Refunds + Fast Delivery! Free Standard Shipping on orders over $99 (otherwise $14.95 flat rate)
Low Prices + Easy Refunds + Fast Delivery! Free Standard Shipping on orders over $99 (otherwise $14.95 flat rate)

Meet the Team


Hey there! I'm Alina, the tax lawyer turned Chief Fun Officer at Boxful Events. I created Boxful Events to sprinkle more joy into life's chaos. With long work hours and a young son, planning weekend fun was the last thing on my mind.

That's why I curated our fun-filled kits myself! From delicious snacks to engaging games and activities, I’ve handpicked everything. And yes, I've taste-tested all the wines too (someone had to do it!).

My mission? To ensure every customer is delighted with their order. That’s why we throw in lots of freebies with each kit—because who doesn’t love a little extra surprise?

Our top picks and best sellers include murder mystery kits, paint and sip sets, and pottery kits. Guaranteed fun!

Life’s too short not to have fun. So, let's transform ordinary moments into extraordinary adventures together!


Hi there, lovely to meet you! I’m Georgia and I manage all of the Marketing here at the wonderful Boxful Events. 

When I am not in front of the screen working away, I enjoy staying active and being outdoors, I love reading, going to the beach and heading out for a coffee & brunch (my go-to coffee order is a small skim cap please!).

Being a creative soul, I absolutely adore painting, which is why our painting kits are a personal favourite of mine. It's the perfect blend of artistic expression and relaxation, especially when accompanied by a glass of wine (because, why not?). If you're interested, check out our incredible selection of painting kits here:



Hey there! I'm Emily and I'm a designer at Boxful Events with a passion for all things photography, branding and illustration. I thrive on creating visually captivating designs, drawing inspiration from everyday life but especially from my dad's 80s t-shirt collection. 

When I'm not crafting eye-catching designs, you'll likely find me at a cozy pub, sharing a laugh with friends, or dancing my heart out at a concert. And of course, I love spending quality time with my friends, testing out our latest entertainment kits right at home!

Speaking of favourite kits, the Pottery and Prosecco at Home is an absolute winner in my book. It's the perfect combination of artistic expression and bubbly fun! If you're curious, check out our incredible selection of entertainment kits here: