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The Perfect Hens Night - Boxful Events

The Perfect Hens Night

How To Host the Perfect Hens Night

Picture this, you’re about to get married or… Your bestie is about to get married, regardless of the ‘who’ it’s the ‘what’ that really matters, as in what are we doing to celebrate? But let's be real, no matter who does the organising, coordinating the perfect hens can be stressful so that’s where we come in. 
Our range of specifically designed Entertainment Kits make the perfect Hens Party Games and the best thing… Everything is included - from snacks, entertainment essentials and even wine - all delivered straight to wherever the party may be! Let’s take a look:

Paint & Sip

As one of our best sellers, the Paint & Sip will not disappoint, especially as a Hen’s Party Game! It really is the perfect activity to do with the girls, paint brush in one hand and wine glass in the other! This bundle of fun comes with all of the required painting utensils, an exciting array of snacks (including vegan snacks and gluten free nibbles), your wine of choice (choose between the mouthwatering Shiraz or refreshing Pinot Grigio), and even your very own painting tutorial that can be easily accessed via the QR code provided. You’ll be creating masterpieces in no time!

Pottery & Prosecco

Another crowd favourite (particularly amongst those in search of Hens Party Games) is the Pottery & Prosecco! Just like the Paint & Sip this kit includes everything needed for a great night with the girls - from pottery essentials to snacks and of course, the Prosecco. While we do also include a clay making tutorial, the world really is your oyster when it comes to clay making as we have seen some creative works of art; Jewellery trays, mugs and pen holders, just to name a few - You can check out more over on our Instagram page!

Personalised Wine Bottles Designed Especially For Your Hens Night

Now what better way to remember the occasion than with your very own customised wine bottle that has been designed especially for your hens night! We have recently introduced our brand new service, customised labels for your special occasion. Whether it be your name, someone else's name or a personalised message, our creative queen (also known as our Graphic Designer) is sure to create something that will suit your occasion perfectly. 

So if you’re after some Hens Night essentials, we well and truly have you covered!

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