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5 Essentials for A Successful Family Game Night - Boxful Events

5 Essentials for A Successful Family Game Night


After an exhausting week at work and juggling a whole lot of responsibilities, it’s time to reward yourself with some quality downtime doing something fun!

Whether you want to spend Friday or Saturday nights playing board games at home together as a family or having friends over for pizza, there are plenty of ways you can make these events successful.

To create a positive experience for everyone involved, we have compiled an essential list of must-have items for your next family game night.

Board Game Options

A successful game night requires a variety of board games. Consider what each person in your family would like to play; The 5 Second Rule board game and Charades are sure to bring laughs.

We have some good examples in stock perfect for the whole family, like- Ispy Bingo, Party Game Night Game Compendium, and 5 Second Rule which are guaranteed to get everyone laughing.

What type of games do your loved ones prefer? Are they down for something silly and light-hearted or something a little more serious and competitive?

Have teams and make it a competition

Kids are always excited about competition. By making teams and assigning points for every game you will make them even happier!

A perfect idea would be to keep track of how many games a team won or lost during the evening, then find out who got the most points at the end of it all!

Lots of Snacks

There are so many different snacks to enjoy when you're playing games with your family. keep it simple, break open a bag of chips, popcorn, pretzels, or cookies, or plan it around pizza night – the list is endless!

Make things comfortable

Hopefully, you’ve already worked out where your location will be able to host your family game night.

With that essential step out of the way, you’ll need to think about how you can make things cosy for everyone. You may want to have a themed game night or set up some decorations to set the atmosphere.

Your kids will love that idea! Better yet, get them to choose the theme for the night!

Smile, Relax, And Let Yourself Have Fun!

In a world where we constantly find ourselves bustling from one thing to another, it can be hard to stop and just exist. It may feel uncomfortable at first but take solace in the fact that you are making memories with your children - ones that will last a lifetime!

There you have it, 5 essential tips for an awesome family game night with your kids!

I hope these family game night ideas have inspired you to create your own family games at home. It really is a blast!

If you need an easy way to plan your family game night without the fuss, why not check out our family game night box here.

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