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The Ultimate Picnic Guide - Boxful Events

The Ultimate Picnic Guide

Best party games. Gluten free snacks. Vegan nibbles.

The best Party Games, Paint and Sip and so much more!

With the summer sunshine in full swing it’s officially picnic season! Luckily we have all of your picnic essentials, from party games to vegan snacks and gluten free nibbles, there really is something for everyone.


The Best Party Games for Your Picnic

When it comes to picnicking, we don’t mess about and as summer is upon us we’ve stocked up on all of the best party games for your special occasion.

If you’re bringing the family together for some fun in the sun, you may find that our Family Bingo Games Package is the one for you… Because who doesn’t love being the first one to shout BINGO! Not to mention, this package comes with a whole lot of snacks, including vegan snacks, gluten-free nibbles and so much more. 

If you’re after a party game that is sure to keep you on your toes, you will enjoy the 5 Second Rule Games Package. Considered one of the best family party games, this will provide lots of laughter as contestants are put on the spot when they have to think fast - Like naming 5 flavours of ice cream in 5 seconds. Even better, your picnic snacks are sorted as this package also comes with a bunch of nibbles… All you need is the picnic basket!


Did Somebody Say Paint and Sip?

Why not release your inner creative side with a Paint and Sip Picnic? Now you’re probably thinking ‘this all sounds like a lot to organise’, but the Paint and Sip Package comes with everything you need for a good time, it’s never been easier. Your very own painting kit and canvas, snacks, nibbles and even wine!


Vegan Snacks & Gluten-Free Nibbles, We Have It All!

We understand that when it comes to a picnic everyone has their own personal games and snack preference, so we have just the tool for you. You can create your own entertainment kit, it’s the best way to ensure that you’ve got all of your picnic party snacks covered, from vegan snacks to gluten-free nibbles. You can also include your own party game (hint: don’t let the competitive person choose the board game, they’ll only ever include the one that they’re good at). 

So why not make the most of the sunshine with a picnic because before you know it we’ll be back to grey skies and cloudy mornings. Don’t worry, we have the entertainment and snacks covered for you!

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