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Classy Bucks Party Ideas - Boxful Events

Classy Bucks Party Ideas

Classy Bucks Party Ideas

So, you’ve got a bucks party coming up but you’re a little lost for ideas, where does the planning even begin? Depending on who the best man is - as the event usually lies in their hands - it can be quite nerve racking!
But there is no need to fear, Boxful Events is near and can always lend a helping hand to ensure that no bucks party goes totally off the rails. We come with bucks night activities, ideas, tips, tricks and all of the essentials needed for any classy bucks party. 
So, let’s get cracking with the ideas:


Entertainment Kits

First and foremost let’s talk about Board Games, a great addition for any classy bucks party - May I add, this is a great bucks party idea when it comes to pre-drinks! From Poker to Beer Pong, these are just a few games that form our extensive board game collection

When we’re talking about board games, here are our recommendations (in no particular order):

  • Premium Poker Set - Texas Hold’ Em: A poker set that is sure to please any group of men, a classic that will definitely satisfy!
  • Beer Pong: Sure to provide some hilarious and wild times, this is the perfect pre-drinking game, what a way to kick off any bucks party 
  • Man Cave: One of the best drinking games to have at any bucks night with 23 twisted ways that are sure to quench your thirst
  • Don’t Drink & Draw: If you’re looking for some chaos this one is a great bucks party idea as each player chooses a person, action and location before drawing, each player then has to guess. As you can imagine, things get quite creative!

    The best part is, we can provide party packages to parties all over: Bucks Party Sydney, Bucks Party Melbourne, you name it!

    Boys Night Kit

    Introducing the ultimate Boys Night Kit that is sure to provide all of the laughs at your next classy bucks party. This kit includes all of your bucks night essentials, such as:

    • The 'Get on the Piss' Board Game (which is a mix of Aussie trivia and rowdy questions, what more could a husband-to-be want)
    • 700ml five-times distilled, charcoal-filtered vodka (now this sounds like a recipe for a good time)
    • Tortilla Corn Chips (yum)
    • Red Rock Deli Roasted Peanuts Sweet Honey & Sea Salt (once again, yum!)

    Bucks party games

    Card Games and more!

    We also have a range of card games, all of which have been proven to make a great addition to any classy bucks party! For those best men who are unsure or simply can’t decide, let us throw a few recommendations your way:

    Now remember, hosting an unforgettable classy bucks party doesn’t have to be difficult, we are here to help all of those best men out there! And for those who are wanting to conquer this task solo you may find the Bucks Night Party Games’ section on our website to be a tad handy!

    Unforgettable Bucks Night Activities in Melbourne 

    Planning a memorable Bucks Night Melbourne? Look no further! At Boxful Events, we specialise in curating epic bucks night activities that guarantee a night to remember. Our carefully crafted bucks night kits are designed to make your celebration truly exceptional.

    Explore our range of thrilling bucks night activities. Whether you're a thrill-seeker, or a party animal, our bucks night activities go beyond the ordinary, offering unique and personalised nights (including personalised vodka bottles for the groom!)

    At Boxful Events, we understand that a Bucks Night is all about creating lasting memories with your best mates. 

    Make your Bucks Night in Melbourne an unforgettable experience with Boxful Events. Book one of our kits today and let the celebrations begin! Get ready for a night filled with laughter, camaraderie, and the best bucks night activities Melbourne has to offer.



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