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Low Prices + Easy Refunds + Fast Delivery! Free Standard Shipping on orders over $99 (otherwise $14.95 flat rate)
Seniors Corner - Boxful Events

Seniors Corner

Games For Seniors

As we all know, learning does not stop once you reach a certain age. There are many games and puzzles that are enjoyable for seniors, various seniors puzzles also provide a wealth of benefits such as mental stimulation, social interaction, stress relief, relaxation, memory enhancement and emotional wellbeing. 
On our website we have just introduced our brand new Seniors Fun Corner where you will find an abundance of games for seniors including puzzles and crafts that have been hand picked by our games specialists. This particular product range includes activities with easily readable print, larger puzzle pieces for easy handling and nostalgic classics that are sure to be enjoyed!

Games for Seniors

From Backgammon to Chess and Checkers, we have all of the classic indoor activities for seniors that have been loved by many for years. All games come with clear instructions and are sure to provide entertainment for hours. They are also a great way to encourage social interaction!

For those who are wanting to enjoy the fun outdoors, Quoits is a classic! It’s such a great way to encourage movement, fresh air and laughter. It’s one of our favourites because it can be enjoyed by individuals of most ages!

Seniors Puzzles

We also have a range of puzzles that have been hand-picked to suit our older audiences. Puzzles are a fantastic activity to encourage mental stimulation, relaxation and a sense of accomplishment. Take a look at a few of our fun designs here! The puzzle pieces themselves are also larger in size so they can be easily handled and enjoyed by all. 


Games for seniors. Seniors puzzles. Puzzles for seniors.


Word Games for Seniors & More

As a part of the Seniors Corner we also offer a range of engaging and stimulating activities such as large print Crosswords, Sudoku and Word Search books. These activities are great brain games for adults, especially those who are wanting to keep the mind busy and stimulate the brain, and the large print makes for easy reading and reduces strain on the eyes. In addition, we also have Adult Colouring Books and Large Print Wordles!  

Craft for Seniors

Creativity is often enjoyed as an outlet amongst seniors and is known to promote hand-eye coordination and cognitive stimulation while providing a sense of achievement. Included in this product range is a collection of craft activities that have been hand picked with our older customers in mind. 

Owl Storage Box 3D Kit: You can create a very charming Owl Storage Box with this 3D Puzzle Kit. It will keep that mind active for hours and at the end you will have a beautiful little storage box.

Flowerpot Koala Kit: This extremely cute and colourful 3D kit is a fun and easy project to assemble. Not to mention, it includes a removable plastic tray to make the perfect home for your next succulent or cacti arrangement. For those non-plant-lovers, it also makes a lovely little storage container where you can keep all of your little knick-knacks, craft items, trinkets and coins.

Vintage Car 3D Kit: This little vintage car model kit is a delight to build, simply punch the out the laser cut wooden pieces and snap them together. Before you know it you’ll have a wonderful little wooden display car!

We are happy to say that our Seniors Corner has been exclusively designed to accommodate our older audiences. Each and every game has been chosen under the guidance of a Games Specialist to ensure that all options are best suited to older individuals; from memory games for seniors, word games for seniors, games to help with memory and so on! To explore the entire range simply head over to our Seniors Fun Corner here.

If you are a part of an Aged Care Facility, Retirement Village, Rehab Facility or Hospital we also offer bulk and regular purchases with our Fun Club Catalogue. It’s easy, simply request a catalogue and once received select what you would like to order - There are games to sharpen the memory, keep that brain active, or to simply be enjoyed with friends - Following on from that, post the order slip back to us and we’ll take care of the rest (including delivery).

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